VenueTech Cup

For outstanding contribution to backstage or technical theatre crafts

VenueTech Cup

In every high school, a handful of students will be diligently working behind the scenes on every assembly, showcase, prizegiving, or production; looking after and exploring the crafts of lighting, sound, AV or stage management.

We have offered trophies to our region's high schools to recognise these students' efforts.

The VenueTech Cup is awarded to students of any age or year to celebrate their outstanding contribution to backstage or technical theatre craft.

VenueTech Cup Recipients

Nayland College

2022 - Kahu Sanson
- Kahu Sanson
2020 - N/A
- Jasmine Day

Garin College

2022 - ???

Nelson College

2022 - Conroy Douglas

"The VenueTech Cup recognises the application of creative and technical skills one can only acquire by hanging around late in drama spaces, music rooms or hall tech booths - which, like many in our industry, was where my journey began.

It's essential to acknowledge the students that give so much of themselves in support of their peers - while highlighting that this is a bonafide industry with viable career paths that are highly professional, challenging and deeply rewarding."


JR Richardson - Managing Director