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No fixed hours - Apply at any time

While we may not have any immediate opportunities, we are always open to receiving a CV or letter of interest from people looking for mahi - especially if you are (or will be) based locally, and have a background in the industry.

Nelson is a small town with a very limited market which is not always enough to sustain more than our core team, though we like to keep an open mind that this may not always be the case!

About VenueTech

VenueTech was established in 2019 by JR Richardson as the natural progression from a decade of sole-tradership. The goal was to increase capacity and enjoyment by building a team of like-minded professionals to work alongside regularly.

While the pandemic was a significant challenge, our longstanding relationship with Nelson's Theatre Royal and Centre of Music Arts kept us busy enough to get through. VenueTech continues to care for and upgrade these facilities while working closely with each of its hires to support whatever their events require.

VenueTech also supports standalone events and regional keystone festivals, including the annual Nelson Arts, Fringe and Ceol Aneas Irish Music, and the biennial Adam International Chamber Music Festival.

Beyond events, we offer maintenance programs to facilities such as high school drama rooms and halls; educational workshops on sound and lighting, and regularly host gateway students or secondary school interns.

We have an inventory of excellent live sound equipment and a desire to expand our offerings to include lighting and AV solutions.
Our team is small but quietly growing, and our workload is incredibly diverse.

We pride ourselves on providing clean and well-maintained venues; reliable and modern equipment; fostering positive working environments that are inclusive and low-stress while attaining high-quality outcomes that connect audiences to artists - and vice versa.