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Commotion - Youth Music Colab

In 2022, VenueTech were invited to contribute to the inaugural COMMOTION Youth Music Colab.

COMMOTION is an action-packed weekend of workshops and performances for youth aged 13-20, run by role-model artists/mentors.

COMMOTION's purpose is to expose youth to content and inspiration otherwise not available, provide an opportunity for creative self-expression, and to demystify pathways within the music industry.

It was a pleasure and privilege to be involved!

Sound Awesome, Live

As part of Commotion 2022, our Managing Director and Sound Engineer, JR Richardson, delivered a module entitled, 'Sound Awesome, Live'.

The goal: Blow open live sound for music performance with in-depth discussions on the purpose and motivation for amplifying sound. When it comes to a live show: equipment used, challenges or compromises that you commonly face - and how do you make the most of the situation?

JR dished out practical advice on how every type of musical performer can influence their sound, put their best self forward, and perform confidently, knowing they did everything possible to make themselves sound awesome, live!